all walks of life today if you want to advance

all walks of life today if you want to advance to a bigger market, must have innovative thinking, only to meet consumer demand for the product only attractive, in order to obtain consumer recognition and support, water purification agents can be achieved Sustainable Development Strategy. Consumer demand change, this time the water purifier manufacturers marketing ideas have to change with it, “a change to the status quo.”

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Replace drinking water purifier is the inevitable trend is emerging industries

Since when do not know, a lot of people in the market has been difficult to see the shadow of the drinking fountains, water purifier is more marketing. Why just a few years, water purifiers drinking fountains will replace it? In fact, for three reasons. Now, Xiao Bian what it says in this short three years, so that instead of water purification in water dispenser.
First, the changes in consumer attitudes bring the market turnover
before we are cheaper, but is healthy now to FIG. As the saying goes Money can not buy good health, to have a healthy body is good for now it is to drink water. Old-fashioned bottled water dispenser in recent years, sales plummeted, substandard quality of some reasons, some market does not endorse, people safe drinking bottled water has slowly lost confidence.
Second, the problems caused by long service resulting in market turnover
have the shelf life of bottled water, bottled water three days in summer, winter is four or five days over time bacteria in the air and dust on the excessive. Under such circumstances, bottled water slowly abandoned the consumer. The old-fashioned and bottled water from boiling water dispenser connected to a large power consumption, and now fire, explosions and other accidents occur frequently, gradually better products for the alternative is the trend.
Third, the introduction of the national policy led market turnover
old-fashioned drinking their own shortcomings gradually exposed, but even worse is the change in policy direction. National Standardization Management Committee to develop “drinking fountains energy efficiency limit value and energy efficiency rating” officially entered the stage to perform procedures for approval, then the industry will bid farewell to the era of high energy consumption, failed to meet the energy efficiency requirements of the three fountains will escape the fate of being eliminated. The industry is expected, once the “history of the most stringent energy efficiency national standard,” the introduction, at least 20% of the products will not reach because of the energy efficiency requirements of three out of the market.
in terms of drinking water equipment, water purifiers and water dispenser with respect to, the dispenser is more like an era of transition products, water dispenser in the current market has stopped growing, negative growth has not yet reached the serious stage. According to Xiao Bian learned that after 2007 “poison guts” event, drinking fountains market began to slump, and with the decline of the market fountains, water purifiers also like springing up. With the progress of the modern era concept of healthy drinking water and put in a higher level, water purifiers in 2007, has celebrated its frozen period, the market is getting warmer. In 2008, water purifier development speed is relatively fast, people see this industry in the spring, for many consumers, replace drinking water purifier is lateEarly thing was just a matter of time. There are two problems here is a top ten water purifier brand will replace drinking fountains, water purifiers not only here but the top ten brands of substituents that is, other than drinking water market will be a tremendous transformation, water purification market innovation will dramatically reshuffle appears.

Big difference of thousands of hundreds of thousands of big price difference where water purifier

[ is ] give us purify water purifiers as clean drinking water, many consumers become the choice of competing products. But with more and more businesses, more and more chaotic market price, the price varies, very different. Bridge in the purchase of water purification products when consumers make a lot of headaches. There are a few hundred to ten thousand, the same water purifier why the price difference so big? What kind of transmission of the disease exist?

the name of “concept” on the cover

and some water purifier It is claimed to have high energy permanent magnetic composite filter, with activation, mineralization, weak base, ionization, oxidation, negative potential, detoxification, anti-bacterial and other functions. There are also health and beauty products known can prevent diseases. There are products claiming to be “eight purification.” The face of a wide variety of propaganda, how consumers choose? Sen Water purifiers professionals do not think so. He said that currently there are three kinds of water purification technologies: activated carbon, membrane technology and nanofiltration technology. Beauty shot of some products, such as pH adjustment banner, the industry said, mostly to make “gimmick. Some products are multi-level filtration as a selling point, many are repeatedly arranged some filtering means.” No matter what kind of filtering technology, are required water filter with sufficient contact time, and therefore, compared to simply increasing the level, the quality of activated carbon, the layers of the film quality and other factors determined more filtering effect. “

filter material difference

mainly to see how much as well as the type of material, filter materials and different types, of course, price is not the same general use membrane filter the water purifier is relatively cheaper price, the price of 1,000 dollars, but the purification of drinking who do not directly use the domestic water; use a reverse osmosis membrane filter and activated carbon filter of the water purifier in the price 1500-5000 ranging purify the water is safe to drink, and the purification effect is good. so, why the electrical store inside the water purifier price of some several hundred dollars, and some need a thousand dollars, the reason is their “core” not the same, of course, the price will be a gap.

the difference between the

is also a gap between the water purifier brand, product quality, research and development, sale, advertising, etc. there are parts of the brands are using has a huge price difference, which has led to a great difference will appear in the terminal market.

2017 first half line of water purification equipment development status

[ is ] Recently, the Ministry of Industry CCID Research Institute, China’s electronic newspaper jointly issued the “first half of 2017 purchase report Home Network” (hereinafter “Report”) shows that the first half of 2017, the line on water purification equipment sales compared to last year has been rapid upgrade. Water purification equipment online retail sales reached 1.82 million units, up 26.8%; retail sales reached 1.8 billion yuan, up by 37.6%.

1 thriving

“Report” shows that the first half of 2017, pure water, water purification equipment market share of the online market is far more than other categories, accounting extended to 46.32 %, sales rose 5.47 percent. In contrast to other categories, followed by market share of water purifier is declining, though still over double-digit market share reached 19.68 percent, but sales decreased 6.27% year on year.

of pure water up 1.65% reduction in sales, central water increased by only 0.08%, with 2016 more than four times the growth rate of contrast. Notably, sales growth pre-filter reaches 3.33%, the growth rate of a water purification plant’s second product, such that consumers for quick, low-cost water purification products relative favorite.

2 reverse osmosis share of products continues to expand

“Report” noted that the first half of 2017, water purification equipment market online, reverse osmosis products continue to expand market share, sales rose 3.91%, market share reached 46.32%. Activated carbon products slightly shrinking market share accounted for 38.18 percent, 3.86 percent decrease year on year. ultrafiltration membrane products, market share slightly, decreased 1.85% year on year.

3 high-end products sales grew fastest in the first half

2017, water purification equipment online market, the price segment in market share accounted for 700 to 5899 yuan up to 74% the highest 1500 to 2999 the proportion of market share, reaching 35.16%, followed by 700 to 1,499 yuan of products, accounting for more than 20%. However, the fastest growing products in this price segment from 3000 to 5899, sales rose 5.51%, while the 700 to 1499 yuan of products, salesSales value declined slightly.

4 Rapid domestic brands dominate the market

“Report” stressed that the first half of 2017, water purification equipment market share of domestic brands online market rapidly expanding, accounting for 71.8%, foreign brands accounting for only three percent. And domestic brand sales grew faster than foreign brands, an increase reached 56.4%, almost double the growth rate of foreign brands. Traditional home appliance brands have to force water purifier market, the professional brand of water purifier market is being robbed have these channels and financial strength of the traditional home appliance brand.

drinking water health problems have gradually been widespread concern, was the explosive growth of market demand, the water industry has been described as the “21st century home appliance industry, the last piece of cake,” I believe will be like water purifier TV, refrigerator, air conditioning as home essential goods.

After the conquest of 90 water purifier sales groups need to grasp the consumer psychology

[ is With the 90 young men took to the workplace, to participate in the operation of various industries and even become the subject of staff, how to grasp the 90 consumer groups? After China’s 90 not only has the idea of ​​free-spirited, always at the forefront of technology, but also optimistic about the future.

want to conquer such a group, water purifier sales to be sure to correctly grasp the psychology of consumer groups after 90.

water purifier sells healthy attitude toward life

water purifier sells healthy life attitude. This is a very important location for 90 terms. Mood after the 90 rich, the pursuit of quality of their lives, they focus on their own life experience, so the water purifier sales in publicity may prefer to locate on healthy living, positive and healthy attitude to attract consumers.

water purifier to do after his first

90 is a crowd have a great curiosity for all things new, they are very high for the pursuit of innovative products, this is actually the pursuit of a process of self-proclaimed. Maybe after 70, 80 will be on some kind of new product features conservative views, but 90 more willing to try new things. So water purifier in terms of performance, appearance, and other materials can do more to try something new, it’s better to attract the eye 90. If this is not the first in the water purification industry, the first to do it at some details.

and consumers to exchange the water purifier interaction

a lot, whether high-end or low-end, some telling their own stories on the market today in terms of publicity, are unilateral publicize their positioning and selling points, intentionally or unintentionally, they are refusing to communicate with consumers, so consumers did not stand together. While 90 is very focused on interaction and exchange of people, they want to be able to tell the manufacturer or distributor feedback, so pay attention and consumer communication.

the use of new media

take classes after the 80

90, become the main force of the Internet and Internet consumption, and wants to increase the “90” of effective communication, and the communication tools is the network. Water purifier must make good use of new media, good publicity and marketing on the Internet, to be familiar with a variety of network terminology, seize the psychological after 90 consumers.

product quality is the key

In any event publicity, product quality is always the top priority. Product quality is not good, no matter how good publicity even if no one will buy. Product quality is their life today, product development and quality has become a fundamental guarantee of a business foothold in the market. Decide the merits of the product quality of life of the product, as well as the development of the company’s fate. No quality there is no market, quality is the last word! Water purifier must pay close attention to quality!

want to do water purification products in 90 this regard, it is necessary to understand the psychology and ideology of such groups, so as to better open up the market, leading consumers to buy.

Why hot water purifier lease because of environmental pollution

[ is According to statistics, as of August this year, domestic sales of water purifier rental than doubled last year, and there are more investors began to enter water purifier rental industry, water purifier rental practitioners is growing, water purifier brands and products are more numerous. What causes water purifier rental industry is so popular, why? Actually, the reason is water pollution, water pollution is getting worse, people’s drinking water is threatened, it is forced to use water purifier.

in the past few years, China’s rapid economic development can be said, but at the same time, water pollution also increased, many factories moved to the mainland, due to the neglect of environmental protection, so that these plants wanton discharge of industrial waste water , waste water and waste water together with the agricultural life on untreated, wanton emissions, water environment suffered tremendous damage. Before the fish around the clear stream becomes cloudy, it’s safe drinking water across the country face different degrees of threat, this is the hot water purifier rental industry the main reason.

for a long time drinking contaminated water can lead to what consequences

contaminated ingredients we start with the analysis contained in contaminated water, contaminated water include:? Sediment, suspended solids matter, pathogenic micro-organisms, heavy metals, etc., these substances are ingested to the body will bring different hazards.

1, sediment, suspended solids, will lead to long-term intake gallstones.

2, pathogenic micro-organisms, long-term exposure can cause typhoid, dysentery and other diseases.

3, heavy metals, long-term exposure can cause a variety of diseases, a serious cancer.

Because of these pollutants, people need water purifier rental, water purification, peace of mind to drink safe water.

How water industry competitive water purifier agents bigger?

[ is With the domestic the rapid development of the water purifier market, increasing the demand for water purifiers, also increasingly fierce competition between providers, so water purifier how can agencies strengthen and expand in this market it? Water purification agents to treat only serious action will have to go to the actual harvest.

1. their own assessment

The Art of War “Know thyself, know yourself” has become a sentence modern people often linked to mouth, but how many water purification agents to practice it, the net agents of the water is no clear understanding of their own can not make accurate judgments, want to better understand the development and improvement of only themselves before they know where you want to go, where to develop, then the water purification agents how to recognize clear yourself?

a: From the financial point of view, to understand the strength of their own funds, only a clear understanding in order to make the right decisions, and in water purification agents choose to do, do not just think good results needs to lose money psychological bottom line.

II: integration of resources, including new resources here that can carry out the project to integrate resources including channel resources.

three: is the operational capabilities, water purification agents need to have the ability to do operations management, management needs refinement, these manufacturers do not understand can find support.

2. Market research

water purification agents at the operational need to do research on the market, suggest that you proceed in this regard, the choice of doing water purification agents only on the industry trends survey, with absolute certainty when we come to know that this project can be implemented, as well as to understand the history of what is now to the stage, followed by consideration of the industry in which the risk might be what kind of consequences. And then to understand the local water quality, choose the right products, the government’s ability to transform tap water and planning, buying groups and so on.

3 brand study

to learn how to be a manufacturer of a system? In this regard, we recommend water purifier agents from several aspects:

1 by peers and competitors understand the business

2 field trips

3. through the news media to see whether there had been exposure

water purification agents how to become bigger, as long as doing the above, water purification agents onlyWe can do real market.

Water purifier brand promotion channels or summer to see word of mouth

[ is ] after the summer, water purifier is still the same price remained stable over time, a slight increase. Products in filtering accuracy, functional development, with a total net amount of water also requires manufacturers to put great efforts, together with industry guidance, the accumulation of these costs, or will steadily.

Summer is the peak season water purifier sales, markdowns appliance brand has always been the modus operandi. Big promotion in summer, or blindly to low-cost-based competition, or take other long-term marketing, the future is to win the market through promotions, channels or the quality of it?

Summer price strength, not a friendly [ 123]

Throughout the summer promotion, some businesses by raising prices, even lower hit 5 discount promotional efforts. This may not be a wise move, in the information technology increasingly transparent, consumer choice is more rational. Product configuration, quality of various indicators can all be revealed in comparison. Raise the price of low-cost promotion, there is a fool consumers suspect, not to please, actually have a negative impact on brand reputation.

the fierce market competition, if a large promotional efforts, not to raise prices, and that is to reduce product configuration. By using low-cost filter, reduce product configuration. But in appearance, the amount of water with relatively dominant index unchanged, in order to fool consumers.

A third possibility is the brand promotion, to the case of such a high concentration in the summer, to enhance the brand, at the profit or loss promotion. However, this situation can only be under strong brands, the brand is not much in this case. So in the summer to be able to buy large efforts to promote the products for the top two types.

promotion is only one way

Insiders pointed out that low-cost promotion is a way, is not the ultimate goal, low-cost promotion is to quickly deal. But promotional eventually need to be based on product quality. At present, many brands in order to quickly promote and enhance visibility, a high price low sales are often seen. And also to the water purifier aftermarket industry reputation with no small negative impact.

miss summer water purifier price promotions, not necessarily a bad thing. Rational optional water filter, the filter needs to know the accuracy of the water purifier, the role of performance parameters.

re-quality road, in order to go further back

product quality is the life of a business, is also an important factor in consumer psychology caught. Companies want bigger and stronger, we must take the road of quality will finally get consumer recognition.

Summer season drink plenty of water, household water purifiers into the season

[ is ] As advanced water treatment products, and now has been recognized by more and more people. Recently, the reporter visited the major appliance stores Lake City and water purifier sales outlets learned that, with the advent of summer, household water purifiers into the season.

The picture shows the public is to buy a water purifier in the city’s water purifier sales outlets.

“before the renovation visited a number of families, they have a water purifier installed, and I want to buy a water purifier, that does not come mall to see if there is no suitable.” This time Lake city Man Lo is being renovated new home, plan to install a water filter in the kitchen. Reporters learned that many recent home

started doing promotions, there is a certain level of profit sharing. “Our water purification products currently shopping sales rose steadily, overall sales significantly over previous years.” Head of a household electrical appliance Lake City mall told reporters that this year sales of household water purification products has increased significantly, and even individual brands “out of stock” phenomenon.

It is understood that not only the home water purifier many brands, the price difference is also great, where low-cost household water purifiers typically mounted directly on the faucet, you can only remove impurities and odors in water; relatively high brand, generally from 1,000 yuan to nearly a million, and other properties of the filtration process relatively high point. “Now buy a home water purifier more and more people, for a variety of household water purifiers different functions, so the larger the price difference.” Salesman explains.

at Amway Huzhou Branch, the reporter saw many people come to consult buy water purifier. “I always want to buy a water purifier, a recent children on summer vacation, I took him up to buy, you can also teach us how to make sales using.” Ms Wong told reporters the public.

It is reported that since the spring, wedding, decoration rigid demand for the release of succession to purchase new appliances, household water purifier sales steadily rising, and water purifiers as health appliances in recent years has become a household electrical appliance market, “darling” . In addition, water purifier awareness has reached a certain height, both of which are household water purifier sales across the board gains across the board in the important “Pushing Hands.” “For drinking water, in fact, no matter which season we are not missing, but in the scorching summer sun, the amount of drinking water will increase substantially. With the enhancement of health awareness and improve people’s living standardsPeople have higher requirements for drinking water, which created favorable conditions for selling water purification products. “Amway sales staff told reporters, for themselves and their families purchase a water purifier has become the choice of many people, which is to improve the quality of life of people is not without relevance. More and more people are concerned about their drinking water health, but also I realize that there is indeed water purifiers need for its existence. However, although the water purifier high penetration rate in foreign countries, but in the country use a water filter is only part of the family, many people still do not understand the water purifier. industry experts said that consumers in the choice of water purification products, in addition to the water treatment technology route, but also pay attention to many details, such as to see whether the product obtained international certification authority. NSF international is an internationally recognized example of wading product certification and monitoring authority, has been 70 years of history, it can remove the ability of contaminants water purifier, material safety, structural integrity, as well as water taste, odor and other comprehensive certification when choosing a water purifier, not only depends on whether certified , it depends on what standards to obtain certification. again, buy water purification products depends on whether the filter is set to update the smart reminder. whether Activated carbon is a membrane technology or technology for lifetime clearly defined, extended use can not guarantee filtered water security. Third, members of the public but also the use of the product is safe enough, such as water and electricity separation design, can effectively improve product safety performance.

Water pollution situation is grim not just bring water purifier water purifier!

[ is ] At present, China’s water pollution situation is grim, water everywhere there are serious security risks. The threat of water pollution and damage to human life and property caused by, always lurking around us, waiting in the hair!

water purifier as scientific and technological advances, and water quality characteristics for different regions can be carried out targeted purification, so that the indicators of drinking water compliance with health requirements, can effectively protect people’s health, to prevent disease from the water

However, even so, people still hesitate water purifier!: water purifiers give us exactly what to bring?

water pollution due to environmental causes, and can not simply be resolved through high-temperature sterilization way, the emergence of water purifier for us to improve abandoned waste sterilization way, is to obtain pure healthy water convenient substance.

At present, RO reverse osmosis water purification technology Drinking water purifier on the market uses, is the safest, most economical and called the next 50 years the best top water purification technology. If based on this patented technology combined with a weak base, to achieve the full nine instantaneous fine filter, will be produced with ordinary drinking water to human PH value close to the weak base mountain spring water, adjusting the pH outside the body, it is also rich in boron, zinc, selenium , minerals and trace elements chromium, plasma, on a good drink, oxygen transmission, regulating metabolism, eliminate acidic waste is necessary.

sweet taste vibrant

through the water purifier purify the water, not only to restore a clean and healthy water quality, water quality also enhances energy and activation features that make clean water taste more sweet. While achieving small molecules and weak alkaline water, help the body absorb and promote human electrolyte balance, restore the body’s vitality.

improve the skin look good

After the purified water purifier filter, such water to clean the skin, can help improve the skin’s slightly acidic, promote blood circulation facial capillaries, recovery skin elasticity, skin reproduce the young state!

water, nurture life.

Water, present health.

When we contamination of water sources invasion;

When the water becomes cause a threat to health;


restore healthy water quality,

Guardian of family health!

Do not let the dirty water damage our cardiovascular and liver! Do not let our kidneys become organs of the body dumpster! Do not wait until the ailing remembered installed a water purifier! Installation net water is life really need! a spring day for every family to provide healthy, safe drinking water is our mission. Now tap water at home are the secondary water pollution, groundwater wells are also serious pollution of heavy metals in the water exceeded; US water purifier can effectively remove sediment, rust, bacteria, scale, heavy metals and bleaching powder, etc. while retaining a trace mineral elements in the water. Let your child drink plenty of water to cook tea can rest assured security!